About Us

We would like introduce our company to you for the provision of storage and sales services with specialization of repossessed items Located along Jogoo road near the Likoni roundabout opposite Church Army (https://goo.gl/maps/F9pAxsNUJd2tjvXU8),.

What we really do?

We offer the full spectrum of storage and sales for vehicles and other repossessed items to our esteemed clientele across business and personal spheres.

  • 1. Our vision is to be the provider of choice for vehicle storage and sales serving a broad spectrum of clientele with the highest standard of professionalism in the motor trade
  • 2. Our mission is to provide service to our clientele with care, attention to detail, responsive to customer needs in a professional and friendly environment We offer storage facilities mainly for motor vehicles, chattels, containers and conduct scheduled auctions.


Our workforce and facilities are matched to the needs of our clients. We have qualified staff with a high level of professionalism and integrity to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.


We are located along Jogoo Road right opposite church army academy just after the Likoni Road Roundabout towards city center. The grounds are
leased from Kenya railways on an ongoing basis since 2009.

Francis Mwaura CEO/Founder

John Kangema Marketing Manager


Our yard has a capacity and ample space to accommodate saloon cars, motorbikes, pick-ups, buses, Lorries, trailers, prime movers, tankers, excavators, tractors and movable machinery.

Customer Care

We maintain excellent levels of customer care. Our yard is managed by well-trained and experienced staff who treats customers with professionalism and fairness. Our team and office work with you seamlessly through the receiving, booking, storage and releasing stages for your chattels. This will ensure that any subsequent or post-storage requirements are handled by people who are familiar with both your equipment and requirements.


Our yard is over 2 acres fenced with metal bars, razor wire, an electric fence and 24hour – manned security. It is capable of handling and storing all items in a secure and pristine environment. We have offices and storage rooms to store valuables under lock and key.


The facility Jogoo Road Motors and Sales Limited is managed by Charcon Properties Limited and Supported by Francis Mwaura as an executive Director, with management and ground staff ready to address your needs.

What can we do for you ?

Jogoo Road Motors Storage and Sales Limited is staffed with a staff cohort
dedicated to serve all your sales and storage needs. A relationship manager is dedicated to every client to ensure personalized service in line with the needs. The staff ensures that our services are given efficiently, in a customer friendly way securing the assets with high levels of integrity and accountability

The marketing manager for Jogoo road motors storage and sales limited is John Kangema who is ha an experience in the marketing field . He has previously worked in several companies before joining us and carries with him the potential that will propel our company to greater heights, he has so far applied in handling his duties.

Our yard is surrounded by perimeter metal bar fence, walled re-enforcements as necessary with 24 hour CCTV cameras. It’s also surrounded by electronic fence, razor wire and solar flood lights with Kenya power back-up. The yard is under twenty-four-hour manned security. We also have option to support shaded packing for executive motor vehicles.

We are covered by Monarch Insurance for losses up to Kes 20,000,000. We have installed fire extinguishers to mitigate the risks for the unexpected unfortunate fire situation.

Our services are the very best and top of the range. The processes are executed seamlessly by highly experienced staff.

Lysajoy Auctioneers operate from our offices to support you for all auction services. We ensure proper full documentation with full security assurance, in a friendly and professional operating environment.
We provide first class treatment to all our clients who have so far highly appreciated and commended our efficacy.

We can handle and store securely over hundred vehicles (which is expandable to over 300 vehicles) at any given day with excellent handling capacity and processes.

We are amenable to provide relevant documentation in support of all our processes as we promise to be of great value and service to you.

The Yard also offers value added services including cleaning the vehicles, advertising auctions in the yard surroundings and targeted
communications to regular and known buyers.

The management, processes, location and wide range of services are guaranteed to give you a one stop solution to all your storage and auction needs.

We hope you will consider us in your panel of storage facilities and promise to promise to handle your assignments with attentively and professionally to your satisfaction.

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